Welcome to the Adult Class Calendar. You can use this calendar to search, sign-up, and even cancel your class reservations. Be sure to use the filters to make your life easier!

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12 Class Card


(~one class weekly, $19.75/class)

24 Class Card


(save $164, $17.10/class!)

Class Cards are good for the session for which they’re purchased!

Check your class card expiration in your email receipt.

Class Calendar

Our Fall Session starts September 5th in our NEW LOCATION! PSCA is moving to a 50,000sq/ft church at Greene and Upsal, about 2min down the road from our current location.

More details about the move will be made available all through the month of August–but the Fall schedule is available for sign-up here!

Adult Soiree returns this year in the Fall session–if you would like to take part in a fully themed circus show, the first in the new space, check out the details HERE.



What’s the deal with adult class cards?

Class cards come in three sizes: Single Class, 12-Class and 24-Class. You can use them for any Adult class at the school! You won’t get an actual physical card…it’s just a virtual digital thing.

You still have to sign up for the class though; just go to the Adult Class Calendar.

When can I sign up?

You can sign-up for a class as far ahead of time as you want, and make a recurring reservation to make sure your slot is always yours.

You must sign up for class at least 48 hours in advance. Your coach needs to know who they’re going to have, and so you cannot just “drop-in” with less than 48hours of notice.

How long does my class card last?

Each class card is only good for one session. A Fall Class card will last all 12 weeks of the Fall Session, but will not be good for Winter classes.

One more time…a Fall Class card will only be good for the Fall Session. You have to use up all the classes on the card by the end of the Fall Session.

Can I gift or share a class card?

Yes, you can gift a class card by purchasing a gift certificate HERE.

Class cards cannot be shared. Once a person purchases a class card, that card is in their name and cannot be transferred to another account or used to register another person.

What’s the cancellation and make up policy?

You must cancel your reservation in a class at least 48-hrs in advance. You can do it yourself once the system is live, or you can call the front desk. If you cancel ahead of time, the class is simply returned to your card; if you don’t cancel in time than we have to deduct the class from your card.

Can I upgrade a class card after it’s purchased?

Nope, but you can always purchase another card to get more classes.

Have another question? First check out this blog entry, which explains why we think this change will be a great thing for you and for the school.

Have more to say? Email adam@phillycircus.com.



All of our Adult and Youth aerial classes at PSCA use our level system.

Since aerial arts are not gymnastics, and since each apparatus is different, it can sometimes be really hard to know what level is right for you. Even within an individual class, fitness, coordination and experience can make it hard to tell if you’re in the appropriate class.

The staff at PSCA staff is working together to make our level system simpler and easier to understand; if you’ve taken classes with us before, go ahead and sign up for whatever level you’re currently in. As we evolve within the new system we’ll get more specific together to make sure that everyone is in the class that’s most appropriate for them!

For Youth classes, leveling only refers to aerial level, not acrobatic level. Everyone will be learning acrobatics at their own pace, and it’s easier to break down tumbling levels within a class. So sign up for classes based on your aerial level not your acrobatic experience.

Here are some general guidelines for those of you with questions.

Level 1

Anyone can take level 1 classes! They’re open to all levels, and will have lots of fun material that challenges you physically while getting you used to being upside down and in the air. The only apparatuses in Level 1 are Trapeze and Sling; Level 1 students are still getting comfortable leaving the ground and building grip strength.

Level 2

Level 2 classes are best for people with some experience, either in circus or in other athletics. The pace is a bit faster than level 1, and students are expected to be able to hold their body weight in the air and keep themselves safe with less supervision. This is the level where we start climbing and doing more conditioning, in order to get you in shape for Level 3. Level 2 classes are in Trapeze, Sling and Fabric.

Level 3

This is the intermediate level, where we introduce Rope and Lyra along with Trapeze and Fabric. Students in Level 3 classes should have experience and strength, be able to invert in the air consistently and stay in the air for longer sequences of tricks. You should be comfortable climbing to the top of the space and working independently on new skills without direct supervision. If you’re not sure if you’re in Level 2 or 3, use your own judgement to place yourself! The worst that will happen is that your teacher will recommend a different class.

Levels 4 & 5

Levels 4 & 5 are for the more serious and experienced student. These classes will focus on higher level skills that require practice, dedication, physical maintenance and higher levels of fitness. The focus of these classes will be building proper form and body mechanics in order to execute higher level material safely and consistently. At this time, Levels 4 & 5 are combined in all classes; as these classes grow larger, they’ll start to be offered separately.



Have you been bitten by the circus bug? Do you feel like your progress is slow because you can’t get into the space as often as you would like?

We have a solution for you: our Member Workout program!

Here’s how it works:

  1. The monthly fee is $40, payable month-to-month with no contract. The program is run by calendar month.
  2. You must attend a Membership orientation; email adam@phillycircus.com to schedule your orientation today.
  3. You must also have an active class card for the current session.

So what do I get?

You’ll get access to any open apparatus or space in Studio 1 during Member Hours. The limits of what’s “available” is determined by the coaches who are teaching classes at that time.

There is NO guarantee of an area and NO requests for apparatuses. It’s up to you to look at the schedule, hang around your class, come in early or call the front desk to see what’s available at any given time. If a class is small, you may be able to stay and work out in that area, but that’s totally up to the coaches discretion.

There is a maximum of 8 Members working out in the space at any given time, and a loosely enforced 60-minute time limit on workouts. If someone’s waiting, and you’ve been in the space for 60 min, you may be asked to move on so that someone waiting can workout. If there’s no line, you can stay as long as you’re being productive.

Any questions?

Schedule a Member Orientation to have all your questions answered! We’ll go over workout guidelines, community expectations and answer any other questions you might have. Just email adam@phillycircus.com to schedule your orientation now.