Duration and Automatic Renewal:
Contract is in force for 30 days from the Contract Start Date, with automatic renewal every 30 days into perpetuity, unless
cancelled by either _____________ or The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts in writing. Contract may not be cancelled or suspended for the first 90 days.
Adult Unlimited Class Cards are non-refundable. Classes may only be taken by _______________, and may not be shared with another family member.
Adult Unlimited Class Cards do not apply to Workshops, Series, Flying Trapeze, Dance Classes, Youth Classes, Private Lessons or special events. They do apply to all Adult Circus Classes and the Member Workout Program.
Agreement to Pay Recurring Fees:
Client agrees to pay recurring fees via client authorized automatic credit card, every 30 days from date of agreement. Payment by any means other than Client’s credit card is not permitted.
(a) I agree to purchase the Adult Unlimited Class Card for $159.00, as an automatic charge to my credit card every 30 days, with a minimum initial 90 day commitment.
(b) I understand that I will be notified if my credit card fails to authorize for any reason, and that a $10 late fee will apply if I do not provide a valid credit card within 10 calendar days of the original rejection date.
(c) I understand that my service will be deactivated if my account becomes more than 11 calendar days late.
(d) I understand that this contract will automatically renew at the end of the initial 30 day period unless I cancel it in writing with at least 12 days notification before the next billing date.
(e) I understand that an autopay cancellation request must be received in writing at least 12 days in advance of my next billing cycle (example: if you are scheduled to be charged February 1st and you want to cancel, you must submit a request in writing to PSCA by January 15th.)
(f) I understand that I may not cancel or freeze my autopay in the initial 90 days of my contract.
(g) I understand that if I cancel my class reservation within 24hrs of the start time of the class, I will be charged a $10 Late-Cancellation Fee.
(h) I understand that if I reserve a spot in a class, and do not come to class, I will be charged a $20 No-Show Fee.
(i) I understand that classes may be cancelled for various reasons, including but not limited to: staff illness, weather, holidays etc. In the event that classes are cancelled, I will not receive a pro-rating or refund.
(j) I understand that the terms of this contract may be changed at any time by the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. I will be notified of any changes in the terms by email, and will be given an opportunity to opt out.

Freeze your autopay:
To freeze your autopay, a request must be submitted in writing at least 12 days in advance of your next billing date in order for your request to be effective from the following month.
Students enrolled in the monthly auto renew program may elect to freeze their autopay charges for 30 days once per year according to the policy below:

a) You can freeze your autopay schedule once per year at any time (after the initial 90 day contract period). The freeze is
activated at the start of the next billing cycle.
b) To request the freeze, email info@phillycircus.com.
c) Following the end of your requested freeze period, your monthly auto-renew will automatically be reactivated.

Cancel your autopay:

You may cancel your autopay anytime after the first 90 days by submitting the form below or contact us at info@phillycircus.com.

You must submit your cancellation request 12 days before your next charge.

Member Workout Program

Member Workouts (partially supervised practice time) are only available to Unlimited Class Card holders. Member workout times each month are posted on the website and around the school. There is no advance sign-up, so remember to sign in when you arrive!


    • There is no guarantee of any apparatus being available
    • You may not request rigging changes
    • You may bring your apparatus, but it must be inspected and approved
    • All aerial practice must use 8in crash mats


    • You must sign in at the front desk.
    • We reserve the right to control the number of members allowed in the space at any given time.
    • There must be a staff member in the room in for you to train in the air in that space.
    • Don’t train new skills during member workout time.
    • Don’t teach skills to other people.
    • Don’t ask staff members on the floor for advice on your training


    • Actively promote a culture of safety
    • Be respectful to others’ desire to be social or asocial in their training
    • Be mindful of noise in the space.
    • Make sure everything you do is and appears to be safe and well planned.
    • Speak up if you feel or see anything unsafe.

Auto-Pay Cancellation Form

You may use the form below to cancel your auto-renewing membership. If you do this and purchase the Unlimited Card again, you will have to commit to the 90 day mandatory contract again.

If you would like to suspend your membership for health, family or travel reasons, please email info@phillycircus.com NOT the form below. If you freeze your contract, it will automatically restart after the freeze period.