What’s the deal with adult class cards?

Class cards come in three sizes: Single Class, 12-Class and 24-Class. You can use them for any Adult class at the school! You won’t get an actual physical card…it’s just a virtual digital thing.

You still have to sign up for the class though; just go to the Adult Class Calendar.

When can I sign up?

You can sign-up for a class as far ahead of time as you want, and make a recurring reservation to make sure your slot is always yours.

You must sign up for class at least 48 hours in advance. Your coach needs to know who they’re going to have, and so you cannot just “drop-in” with less than 48hours of notice.

How long does my class card last?

Each class card is only good for one session. A Fall Class card will last all 12 weeks of the Fall Session, but will not be good for Winter classes.

One more time…a Fall Class card will only be good for the Fall Session. You have to use up all the classes on the card by the end of the Fall Session.

Can I gift or share a class card?

Yes, you can gift a class card by purchasing a gift certificate HERE.

Class cards cannot be shared. Once a person purchases a class card, that card is in their name and cannot be transferred to another account or used to register another person.

What’s the cancellation and make up policy?

You must cancel your reservation in a class at least 48-hrs in advance. You can do it yourself once the system is live, or you can call the front desk. If you cancel ahead of time, the class is simply returned to your card; if you don’t cancel in time than we have to deduct the class from your card.

Can I upgrade a class card after it’s purchased?

Nope, but you can always purchase another card to get more classes.

Have another question? First check out this blog entry, which explains why we think this change will be a great thing for you and for the school.

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