What are my options if I want to take a class?

You have three options when purchasing an adult class: a Single Class ($25), a 5-Class Card ($115) and an Unlimited Membership ($159/mo). You can use them for any adult class at the school!

You still have to sign up for the class though; just go to the Adult Class Calendar.

When can I sign up?

You can sign-up for a class as far ahead of time as you want, and make a recurring reservation to make sure your slot is always yours.

You must sign up for class at least 2 hours in advance.

Your coach needs to know who they’re going to have, and so you cannot just “drop-in” with less than 2 hours of notice.

How long does my class card last?

The Single and 5-Class Card are good for 90 days from when you purchase them. 90 days from purchase, not 90 days from your first use.

Any classes left on your card once it expires are forfeit.

The Unlimited Card is so special and awesome that it has it’s own policies and information page.

Can I gift or share a class card?

Yes, you can gift a class card by purchasing a gift certificate HERE.

Class cards cannot be shared. Once a person purchases a class card, that card is in their name and cannot be transferred to another account or used to register another person.

What’s the cancellation and make up policy?

For the Single and 5-Class Card, you must cancel your reservation at least two hours before the start of class or it will be deducted.

There are some special rules for the Unlimited Card, which are detailed on the Unlimited Card Policies Page.

Got more questions? Check out our General FAQ’s.