If you have an account credit with PSCA…We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our students who were able to receive account credits instead of refunds as we navigated our closure. The financial pressures PSCA is continuing to face are intimidating, but we’re determined to make it through, and that is only possible with your support.As we slowly reopen for in-person classes and enter the phase of charging enrollment for our online classes, we would like to be really clear about how account credit can be used.

Option 1: Donate account credit to the school

Many of you have already done this; we’re so thankful that some of our community is able to donate their account credit to the school. When you do this, the ledger of the credit is wiped clean and you cannot ask for it in the future. This is an enormous help to PSCA!

Option 2: Use 50% account credit for all purchases (preferred)

This will be our default payment option for any students who have account credit moving forward. We want everyone to receive FULL value for classes that they signed up for, but the reality is that the school cannot afford to pay all the account credits out at the same time. We’re hoping that most of you understand this reality, and are willing to accept paying 50% account credit at a time, so that the school can pay out it’s debts more slowly. Think of it as a small loan that you’re making to help keep PSCA alive–every little bit helps!

Option 3: Request a payment be made in full with account credit

This crisis has been hard on everyone, and we fully understand that some of our students want to come back to circus but may be unemployed or unable to afford any form of direct payment right now. If you have account credit from the school and would like to use all of it at once to make a purchase, you can do so by request. Our default payment will be 50% account credit and 50% direct for any purchase, and so if you do not request 100% account credit by email info@phillycircus.com or putting the request in your enrollment form, that’s what we’ll do.

Expiration of account credit

Our policy has always been that account credit lasts for 1 calendar year from the date it’s input in our system. In light of this crisis, we are re-dating all account credits for July 1st, 2020 and will extend the 1 year window if the school has to close again. That gives everyone 1 year to use their account credit in full, after which any remaining COVID related credits will be donated to the school.

We value our communities safety first and foremost, and so we’re scaling our re-opening slowly and carefully.
We really hope to be back up to our full program capacity as soon as possible, but we’re committed to taking it one-step at a time.
You’ll see all your favorite programs returning one-at-a-time over the next few months!

So many that we dedicated a whole page to them! Click here to check out our COVID safety policies.

Our current cancellation/refund policies for in-person clasess are very lenient, and we’re handling them on a case-by-case basis. If you’re feeling sick, PLEASE STAY HOME. Just email us info@phillycircus.com and describe your situation.

For virtual classes, we are not offering refunds or account credit–if you miss a class, let us know and we’ll let you make it up in another virtual class.

In the interest of limiting contact between individuals from different households , all our in-person classes are running as monthly sessions–so if you miss the sign up period you cannot join until the next month.
Our virtual classes are on a drop-in basis, so you can join those anytime!

From Greene Street, turn onto Cliveden Street and make the first right. Look for the “Circus Campus” sign!

Due to COVID-related safety precautions, we are not allowing people to observe our in-person classes at this time.
You can email us info@phillycircus.com for a live virtual tour of our in-person classes, or try out one of our free virtual classes first!

For aerials classes, we always recommend leggings/athletic pants that cover the backs of your knees and a top that will stay put when you go upside down (or that can be easily tucked in).

Before starting class, you will need to remove all jewelry, so you may want to leave it at home to avoid it ending up in the lost and found!

We love beginners at the circus school. There is something for everyone here! 

Our adult classes are all mixed-level, but if you’re new to aerials we would recommend starting with Sling (AKA hammock – a piece of fabric that is hung in a long loop) or Trapeze, as those are our two most beginner-friendly pieces of equipment.

Youth classes right now are mainly divided by age and experience, so you should read the descriptions of the different levels to determine the best fit for your student.

If you have any questions about levels, feel free to email us at info@phillycircus.com

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