PSCA's Preparatory Performance Program


This program consists of up to eight hours a week of classes for hard working, motivated, not-afraid-to-sweat, 10-18 year olds of all levels. P4 contains intensive programming of up to 10 hours per week in circus, theater, and dance. P4 runs in 3-month sessions.

Circus education is growing rapidly in Philadelphia & around the country. Students are considering auditioning for circus higher-education programs and professional companies. We see, in the passions and talents of our young people, a need for more training – particularly if they hope to continue in circus as adults. They want more – more time, more skills, more community – and all we have to do is provide them the space and high-level coaching that they are asking for. We are building a network of inspiration, mentorship, and contemporary circus opportunities and we want our youngest and most enthusiastic students to be able to benefit from this as well.



We now offer monthly automatic payments. Sign your contract for the whole school year and cancel or add during the add/drop windows.

1-day a week: $136/month. 2-days a week: $250/month.
3-days a week: $300/month. 4-days a week: $385/month.
5-days a week: $400/month.



Sept 1st-7th

Dec 1st-7th

March 1st-7th



PSCA Youth Troupe is for advanced circus kids to perform a group act regularly for the public. All interested kids must audition for Troupe, including previous Troupe members.
For more information and to register for Youth Troupe,
click here.


Pre-4 is our accelerated track of classes for 6-10 year olds! 90min classes each week on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and/or Saturdays.

Geared towards students who have tried Kids Circus and are yearning for a more challenging experience, Pre-4 will work on developing acrobatic and aerial skills as well as having a theater and dance component.


Everyone will be switching to a monthly automatic payment; you sign your contract for the whole school year and can cancel or add during the add/drop windows.


1-Day a week: $90/month
2-Days a week: $165/month
3-Days a week: $225/month


Sept 1st-7th
Dec 1st-7th
March 1st-7th

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