Scroll through our age-based schedules to find the classes that your child can take. Don’t forget to use the filters to find your favorite classes, coaches or levels.

If you’re a new student or parent, feel free to zip an email to Coach Rachel to find out which class would be the best fit for you!

Our regular classes are perfect for all levels of experience, ability and body type–students who are looking for intensive training in circus arts and are coming from gymnastics, dance, cheer, skating, acrobatics or other related sports should check out

P4: PSCA’s Preparatory Performance Program

for more intensive training options.

Ages 3-4

Our littlest circus stars will have a lot of fun and get some great exercise in these exciting classes. Click the class title to see a description, or click “sign up” to register your little one today!

Ages 5-7

These classes will challenge young circus artists to increase their abilities in acrobatics, balancing and aerials…all while having a great time. Click the class title to see a description, or click “sign up” to register today!

Ages 8-12

This is where the fun really starts–at eight years old, kids can take a wider variety of classes at the school, including the 90-min Acrobatics and Aerials class that is the core of PSCA’s programming. This 90 min class challenges kids with 30min of acrobatics and a full hour of training on trapeze, sling, fabric, rope or lyra.

Ages 13-18

People start circus at any age, and there’s no time like the present! We have all sorts of classes for teenagers where they can meet other teens, practice circus and get some much needed physical activity.

For athletic teens, dancers gymnasts or serious circus students we have PSCA’s Preparatory Performance Program, P4. This program makes a great addition to our normal classes, or can be a stand-alone training program for serious students. To learn more about this program CLICK HERE!