Flying Trapeze Referral Program

Flying trapeze is more fun with friends! When you refer 4 friends, you receive a FREE flying trapeze class! This class can be used for you or for a 5th friend! There is no limit to the amount of friends you can bring and no limit to the amount of free classes you can earn! For every 4 referrals, you get a free class!

How to refer friends and earn free classes:

1. Create a profile

Have your friend go to our flying trapeze page and click “Book Your Flying Trapeze Class Now!”:

They will then be directed to create a profile in our MindBody database. This is where the important part begins!

2. Pick the referral type

At the bottom of the personal information page when creating a profile, there is a section that asks “How did you hear about us?” That’s where your friend will choose the “Other” option.

3. Have your friend tell us that you referred them!

Once “Other” is selected, a new box will appear. In this box your friend will type your first AND last name. It is important to use first and last so that we know exactly who to give free classes to!

Step 4: TaDa! Free classes coming your way!

Once your friend(s) put your name in and sign up for class, we will do some magic on our end and keep track of your referrals. Referrals will be checked on a regular basis but if you want to give us a little nudge and see where you are at with your free class, email us with the subject line “Flying Trapeze Referral Program” and we will be sure to check in on your benefits!